Equipment & Gear

In Cuba, most of the climbing areas are composed of routes equipped with "bolts" for sport climbing. In general the routes have been established by experienced climbers and are 30 meters long, so with a rope of 60 meters and 15 films express is sufficient in most cases. 

Those wishing to complete more than 1 route along Viñales Area required to have a second string of 60 meters, because in many cases require tie 2 ropes to get down from the big walls collapsed. (See important information about declines with several strings in viñales). A good practice is to have some additional carabiners and tapes to replace aging meetings and anchors. 



The climate in Cuba is hot and humid almost all year round, so the shirt and sweater, along with shorts are more comfortable clothes to wear. Only in the months of December to February temperatures are usually recorded that require the use of a sweater or coat. In the rainy season (May-October), is a good idea to have some protection for water.


Cuba´s Sun

El Sol de Cuba is extremely strong, so it is recommended to use a high protection sunscreen for sensitive skin, and moderate protection for those who can tolerate a little better the high radiation, however, we emphasize the ease with which visitors underestimate the intensity of solar radiation in Cuba, so a sunscreen suitable for each one is extremely important. 


Mosquitos and Insects 

Mosquitoes generally inhabit areas of climbing, but the Cuban government is very effective in controlling these pests, and diseases that mosquitoes transmit are almost nonexistent on the island, these insects are a common annoyance in the lives of climbers and their companions, so the use of a repellent is highly recommended. 


Gear Donation 

Please go to Equipment & Gear Donation page to know more about how to help the growing cuba climbing comunity

Time in Cuba

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